Alshaad Kara

The Non-Virgin

I already had a prior experience,
You had none and had eyes
That blinked of a new addiction.

This addition to your life
Is a lifetime commitment
For a companion to lay in bed.

Flirt how many times you want,
You will always have a desire
To quench between the sheets

And do not shield your feelings
Just let go and set your mind
To reset and rearrange
Those moments of intense craving.

Gulp every ecstasy
Like a caress of the heart
And a pulse of the mind,

It is normal to deposit every desire
Like a desperate destination
That needs to be written off.


Expose yourself to those
Endless messages and calls
Asking you for a nice fuck

And you will know
The reality of clarity.

It is no more of the orgasm
That makes you connect
But of the aftermath
That it leads to…

The revelation of the truth
Is no more who is fucked
Or who is fucking
But more about the game
That gets played.

The moaning that gets a new
Meaning is the one that
Has evidently lost
In all its sexualised form.

This is when you have
The pain to know that
You got used.

Late Night Taxi

Days may be gone,
But I still wet my pants
And get chills
Whenever I think
Of the night

That I got bedazzled
From the fragrance
Of a stranger.

The touch with consent
Was a colourful
Construction of thoughts
Where the soul and the body
Vibrated to a continuous
Orgasmic burst
Of fusion and passion.

The lights that reflected
On the windshield
Were synchronising
With the humming
We were echoing.

There shall be no trace
Of the traffic we made
On this nightfall travel

But the residue
Of each other
Shall be a permanent
Resident on each other’s

Days may be gone,
But my boner
Shall never box
This sensual past


Alshaad Kara is a Mauritian poet who writes from his heart. He won the 2023 “Zheng Nian Cup” Literary Award Third Prize. His latest poems were published in “The BeZine”, “Men Matters Online Journal” and “Slamming Bricks Anthology 3rd Edition”.

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