Azaria Camargo

Our Secret

There is a secret between us.
It will linger on for years
I often think of our secret
Still revel in your deepest fears

We may parade politely,
Automated among the civilised
Tolerating the tediousness
Of our curated
Domestic lives

Your penis is so small
But that is not the secret
You exposed yourself for me to jest
Our secret is how much you liked it.

Your love for the humiliation
Subjectively makes you socially strange
Which is why our paths crossed
This had to be a transactional exchange

I saw your eyes fill with frightened delight
As I laughed and played it blue
Had you not been so repulsive
I could freely admit
I found
That I secretly liked it too.


Azaria Camargo (she/her) is a slightly unhinged but fun-loving wordsmith. She loves crafting kink positive poetry that disrupts conventional ideals of literature and art.  When Azaria isn’t dreaming of new ways to disturb readers, she enjoys caring for her pet chickens and ducks at her humble home in Melbourne, Australia. You can find more of Azaria’s dabbling on Instagram @azariacamargo

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