Category: Issue 03

Donna Dallas

Lucrasia Women hate your long legs,full grapefruit breasts Men desire the darkness of your hairthe well-rounded curves of your hipssinewy skin that sinks deep downinto a sweet well of cotton…

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Ridwan Tukur

Atlas •Rounded as a dome up northNorth of your nubian bodyBody dripping with the flowFlow and waves of the seasSeas across your veinsYour veins, startled by my handsMy hands rub…

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Linda Crate

i could love myself he didn't appreciatemy temple in allher glory,only lusted after thelightwithout an appreciationfor the darknessor the fierce flowers thatgrew within saiddark;he couldn't see a worthto anything that…

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Jen Mcca

Vanessa She asked me to pick up her dog I picked up my laptopShe never asked for so much as a wordexcept when she did, she said - There are words…

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The Erozine