Category: Issue 07

Whitney Gordon

Love Poem You were right. the winds came up during the night. The boat is leaving anyhow, the car sits at the curve of the bow, me inside. the current…

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Vivienne Cates

Fear of Shallow Living He struggles to navigate the soft sand these days; it tumbles and folds beneath his footsteps, making it difficult to stay upright. It never used to…

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James Alexander

The Sun You come home to me full of him and let me kiss you and put my fingers in your sticky cunt and feel how hot and slick you…

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Britt Warner

Desire I want to be bent over the knee of a man with big hands and spanked, bare-assed, as he tells me I'm a bad girl. I want to be…

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Azaria Camargo

Our Secret There is a secret between us. It will linger on for years I often think of our secret Still revel in your deepest fears We may parade politely,…

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T.C. Mill

Aftplay Sudden emptiness as he left her body, cool air replacing his hot weight, and a blue pulsing ache in her groin still demanded completion.  When she reached over, he…

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Barefoot Cajun

Two Boys Hug Each Other into the Night The two boys were on a hunting trip one day when they met. They had left early that morning for the woods,…

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Rachel Wagner

Pet Fish He’s hanging off that shit like a hooked fish. Latched on, not letting go of it no matter what. He’s not letting up— Push that hair out the…

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Tyler French

The Resistance We hit up the Cheesecake Factory after the orgy in the hotel room across the street, well 6/7 of us - Tom came and left early - sliding…

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The Erozine