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Drew Pisarra


Emojis for the phallus are in no
short supply: the eggplant, the carrot, the pickle,
and the peeled banana. (Circumcised?) So
why does nobody sext the pencil?
I’ll tell you why. Because I’ve been with a guy
with a pencil dick, a quite specific
kind of rod: hard, straight, though of sundry
lengths, odd, skinny nay anorexic
by god, an underfed finger despairing
of its own slim pickings. For there are few
and far between apt to tap its meager
offerings. I didn’t know what to do
when it reared its narrow head. I was eager
to depart or more to the point, be erased
by a rubbery tip from outer space.


Drew Pisarra is the author of “Infinity Standing Up,” a collection of queer love sonnets released by Capturing Fire Press in 2019. He was also a recent recipient of a Literary Grant from the Cafe Royal Cultural Foundation.

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