Emily Medley


And she came and she came

But the dumb wife blamed

That he wanted younger

And that he had a hunger

For different girls

From all over the world

But the smart wife knew

That hunger ate

And time, time, time, they said, won’t wait

So, she gave him room to lie down and breathe

And he gave her comfort as she grieved

And love sprawled out


And love formed itself new 

Bonds and bands

And hot kisses covered all over the walls

As mouths and touches wrapped ‘round him tall

Because eventually youth really does go away

And maybe it’s happened, you know what they say

That you better grab love every time that you feel it

And never look back but instead

Only heal it


Emily Medley is lives in Houston and is the author of FROM THE MOON I WATCHED HER.  This is her first erotic poem, and is about a couple who opens up their marriage to polyamory after the loss of their son.  If published, would like to publish under the pen name Heba Jammith

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