Hershey Kisses

Amateur Night

Slipping into the red teddy with black stilettos,

Putting on the red lipstick and puckering for even distribution,

Finger combing the hair to ensure all curls are neatly placed,

Perfume sprayed on key spots for maximum release,

Skin smooth as silk and breath fresh like mint,

Checking the final form in the mirror, the smile of approval flashes in the reflection,

Heart racing with sensual intentions, the feeling of sexiness oozies in the room,

Walking towards the bedroom, there’s a tripod with a camera, ready for action,

No need to direct, let the energy of our bodies create the scene,

There he is…

That smile of sexual curiosity and passionate intentions as he gazes her body,

His dick is protruding through his boxer s as he walks closer,

Her nipples instantly become hardened, and her pussy starts to moisten in anticipation,

A kiss that set the room on fire, tongues clash in competition of the best performance,

Moans of satisfaction as lips are bitten and necks sucked, 

Tongue carefully outlining the jugular as hands slowly glide to the warm embrace of a hard dick,

The shaft hard and thick, as kisses become more constant,

Moans in excitement as the hand makes soft circles around the nipple, 

The tongue finds its way and begins to lick rapidly and suck slowly,

Thigh hoisted up to expose the pussy as the finger creeps in,

The feeling of warmth and moisture, as kisses resume,

The camera lights up in suspense, the players are fulfilling their roles,

The teddy comes off, exposing the naked body in its beautiful form,

His dick throbs as its eager to enter inside the sweet walls,

Her legs are spread as he dives in to taste the nectar, she moans and gasps,

His tongue intently licks and sucks the clit, his fingers caress her inner thighs,

Making her cum, she strokes his dick as he moans, she licks the shaft as he bites his lip,

The camera is showcasing the event as the climax is to come,

He places her legs on his shoulders and begins to thrust, the nipples hardened,

Her pussy wrapped around his dick pulling him closer, as he pulls out in sync,

The players are enjoying this event, as the wetness of her pussy, quenches the dicks thirst,

He grinds harder, causing her back to arch pulling her breasts to his mouth, he licks,

Adding more suspense as she prepares to climax,

The harder and methodical the grinds, the more she shakes, pulling his dick closer,

Kisses resume, lost in each other’s eyes, as they prepare for ecstasy,

He tenses up, for he knows each thrust could be the last,

She grips the back of his neck as he lays on top of her,

Gripping her thigh for maximum thrusting, groans, and yells,

As he cums, warming her pussy with his essence,

She yells in climax, as her leg slightly shakes and rests,

Kisses resume as the camera films, recording every moment, every movement, and every sound…


Hershey Kisses has been writing erotic poetry and short stories for 15 years.  Erotica is the highest form of self-love, since it allows you to be sensual, free, and beautiful in your own skin. When she writes, the scenarios, experiences, and fantasies come to life, and it makes the poetry and stories all the more exciting to enjoy.

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