JS Thacher

Consumarti Ossa e Tutto

I wake up from some wild dream, pressed against your figure, smooth as 

porcelain in that comforting sable of an autumn dawn, as you place my palm 

below your breast. The waking world still mingles with the dream as we move 


together in magnificent mechanical motion, each muscle slowly churning in the 

cold, each cog meeting its perfect match, until it brings my hand to rest neatly 

between your thighs. Your soft flesh, albicocca dolce, split open and dripping on 


the bed. My head, buried between your knees, beneath wool blankets and cotton 

sheets, the scent of lavender detergent and sweat lingers sweetly in the atmosphere. 

Still shaking off the sediment of sleep, I slip back and forth between two worlds at once. 


Vivid pictures paint themselves within my mind, like some triptych Bosch, never before 

seen, and lost to that ethereal immensity of time. My hands wrap themselves around 

your waist and swallow your hipbones whole as they pull you in, consumarti, ossa e tutto. 


The sun begins to rise and throws itself through the window as our bodies 

settle down, and morning makes more disciplined our movements. 


J. Samuel Thacher is creator and poet based out of Upstate New York. Their poetry has been featured in Silent Spark Press, Logue Online, and Loner Magazine.

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