Kyle Rhoads

Mahogany Wood

I came down the stairs

Those of steep and creak of old 

Lacquered in rouge veneer 

The sidewalls too as you appeared 

At the foot sprawled was your spaniel hair 

Blonde at its tips darker at its roots 

Quaffed just how I’d imagine it 

Your hips lay like a pillow 

Those knuckled knees 

And callused heels

Fingers on toes 

Wide open



Your neck lifts and cocks to mine 

Pulsating, pointing, to your blue eyes 

A tit shifts when your chin smiles 

Inviting me 

I fall 





In approach

That warm silk entry 

Your gasp lets out some steam 

It’s warm in here and I love it. 

I don’t know you but you let me stroke 

Arching yourself with har har chuckles 

And moans 

Which might be fake 

Just as you seem to be 

Symmetry isn’t natural 

You’re loaded with that 

But who gives a fuck 

You’re still warm inside 

And making all the right noises. 

Like banging a marble statue 

Everything’s so smooth, but 

I wouldn’t ask you what 

You were doing later 

Or ask if the lay was satisfactory.


A door across the hall opens 

Your friend’s temple and pose 

Are far more interesting 

Her skin is darker 

Her nose doesn’t come to a point 

Her hair is full but one-dimensional 

Reels me in with her finger that 

She also uses to tap on her Taj Mahal 

Which is enough for me 

To want a taste. 

She didn’t smell of lavender and that was ok 

Her thighs didn’t allow me to stop 

Both moans had similar tones 

I hadn’t managed to finish in you 

So I slipped into her soaked cooch 

She wasn’t as smooth either 

But I also didn’t mind 

Her nails dug into my back 

That made it an easier climax








She wanted all of it

And let me suck on her tit which 

Was somewhat underwhelming 

But she cradled me while still tethered 

Caressed my head 

And told me I was a good boy.


In the end 

That’s all I ever wanted or needed.


Lover of language and my city hoping to simply share with all you dear readers. Enjoy.

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