Maddie Hanley

Spring Song

The spring approaches, the warmth ignites the room

And we shed off the layers of winter that keep us apart

As snow covered mounds reveal bright red and pink tips

For us to kiss in greeting as we move down to the paths that were once off limits

To greet the succulent flowers dripping with melted snow

As the heat grows and the flowers turn bright with color

How divine the nectar tastes and is savored between us

Heat continues to grow as pink petals are opened up in bloom

And the greetings of spring are met when we press them together 

The exposed buds flirting with one another 

Pressing so close that the nectar accumulates and drips freely 

We relish in the harvest, in our pollination

In the seeds that we sow as we continue our labor of love

Faster, Faster

The pulse building as we move with the rhythm

More honey, more love

And soon the heat grows, and it is like we leap towards the sun 

And we press tighter and sing our praises to Lada

For she has given us this joy of being one with each other

And when our festivities end we lay back in our field of cotton and look to the sky

As the light of spring gently wraps us up 


Maddie Hanley is a biromantic female who lives in the Midwest whose hobbies include writing, drawing, yoga, and collecting vinyl records.

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