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Mark Andrew Heathcote


She wanted him brought, blindfold, thrown at her feet
subject to all her desires her whims,
biceps bursting; submissive in defeat
she wanted him expended on aching forelimbs,
his eyes unwrapped when drowning right at the last
-floundering – ebb and flow of seduction:
she coveted every sighing breath that passed
that met her mouth, a kiss now forbidden.
But with arch forefinger like Newton,
she measured his moist open mouth gaping
brushing its rim, she’d bitten a red crimson
then, feigns tiredness; his love is drugging
my senses take leave, let’s keep on the blindfold
let him think I’m this red-hot, centerfold.

Her Breath A Cove I Swim In Darkness

Her breath a cove I swim in darkness
that laps-me-up entering open lips
like a beached-porpoise where we’ll
hear weeping a song, written for a sonata;
ivories tickled in endless libations,
a mutual-music that lures the stars
ever closer as a silver reflective moon,
the likes of a mercury orb, baubles.
Hangs in the night suspended waiting to dance
and wriggle themselves-free.
Like sand through an hourglass
a sonar—SOS …breathed on impulses
is snatched-up by talons daily golden?
Then dashed against rocks, cliffs eroded
facing a receding ocean, always calling
always mauling like an injured animal.
Every kiss, ultimately exhilarating
it’s as though the universe
is examining itself, through every orifice,
mouth, eyeball it can expose.
It is exerting a will that requires
lust and fulfilment, love
heartache and death,
through every vessel, microbe, that sinks or swims.


Mark Andrew Heathcote is adult learning difficulties support worker, his poetry has been published in many journals, magazines and anthologies, he resides in the UK, from Manchester, he is the author of “In Perpetuity” and “Back on Earth” two books of poems published by a CTU publishing group ~ Creative Talents Unleashed

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