Mark Heathcote



I taste your lipstick
It’s a prophecy I can’t resist.
I follow you in a bee’s dance
To a flowers nap, and take my lance
To prise it open.
It’s an iridescent opal, I’m-beholden.
A tiger moth in its cloth,
In its Lepidoptera scales of pigmented dust-froth
You take my hand,
And guide me to the stars in their quicksand.
The universe is whispering are you safe,
Are you saved?

As I hold your face in my palms in my hands
And kiss your lower thighs, I feel the sands
The sand is slipping away,
Oh, I must be dreaming …anchors aweigh.
Not a moment, not one chained-link can stay,
But when I wear your lipstick; it proves you came my way.
It proves I couldn’t resist you.
It demonstrates how you couldn’t resist me too.



Kissed by a butterfly’s wing


In such a way it should be contraband
Her heart & soul fluttered heavenly south,
As a butterfly’s wing kissed her hand
& then her cheek, & then her open, mouth
Taking little bites & long drawn out sips
It was then all she could do to resist.
Like a fallen nest exposed, her own, lips
She then coiled around him like moonlit mist
Where she pressed firmly against his naked chest
He squirmed inside an outward-flowing-tide.
All inhabitations now dispossessed
He hears her heart crackling electrified
Hearing hallelujahs then, then amen!
He presses forward & kisses her once again.





Mark Andrew Heathcote is adult learning difficulties support worker, his poetry has been published in many journals, magazines and anthologies, he resides in the UK,  from Manchester, he is the author of “In Perpetuity” and “Back on Earth” two books of poems published by a CTU publishing group ~ Creative Talents Unleashed.

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