Mayeux St. Jaccobi

A True Whoreshipper Deserves Nirvana

Tonight, her soul will be tortured by pleasure.

She lays nude on my bare floor 

Awaiting me to ride with reckless speed 

She – a high way ridden without brakes.


She begs to bath off her sweat –

My urine becomes her golden shower

She dazzles in the streaming hot fluid,

whilst her ass and breasts sparkle with repeated spanks.


She tells me fruits are great for her body,

So, I serve her pussy with cucumbers – 

Damn, it swallows them in different sizes!

I crush her swollen her clit with my toes, unleashing juicy squirts.

she grabs my feet, sticking them in her mouth – licks and sucks the juice

dripping from the toes with desperate relish.

my cock rams into her larynx and silences her moans,

I squeeze life out of her baggy breasts and watch her beg for more.

She purifies her anus with my generous saliva.


She wears her feelings faithfully in her body

And pleads that I pound them with brutal mercy —

mouth, cleavage, pussy and ass – gateways to a damned heaven

I watch her mind burn in the heat of pleasure 

And her feelings melt into gallons of pussy juice – such rare organic treat.

Her mouth holds a deep dam 

filled with saliva, cum and urine.


If this isn’t what she wanted,

then tell me why she licks her lips in ecstasy,

begging for more.

When A Slave Begged Her Master for Hardcore

She craved her skins shredded by pleasure,

So, she laid naked on my bare floor

Legs flung wide like a highway,

waiting for me to crash in – brakes off.


She bathed her sweaty skin with my urine

whilst I scrubbed her ass and breasts with sharp spanks.


I knew fruits were her treat before dinner,

So, I served her dripping pussy with a hard cucumber,

before she grabbed my toes and shoved them in her cunt

grinding them to a mouthful of moans 

I forced them out of her excited pussy and stuck them in her mouth

so she would lick her juice dripping from my toes.


With her long arms, tied to her soft neck,

I rushed my cock into her mouth and silenced her moans

She choked as her tiny throat gasped for air

slapping her across the face with my cock,

I squeezed her baggy breasts till her nipples oozed milk.


I let my saliva drip down into her butthole 

and I watched her as she washes her stinky anus


Head bowed in submission

She raised her ass to be pounded

Each thrust pierced her soul 

While her boobs bounced in confused rhythm

I drilled her pussy till it breathed in spasmic awe

I rimmed her mouth with sporadic thrusts 

And whispered gently to her mind – 

A master’s way of burning and melting her feelings

into gallons of pussy juice for her to gulp.


Her mouth became a dam

filled with a perfect mixture of saliva, cum and urine.

She licked her lips in ecstasy, and pleaded on her knees:

“Dear Master, please give me more!”

A Sinner Seeks Redemption at the Altar of Lust

Father, I know I wear my sins on my skin 

And I have come to make confession.

Since Good Friday, I waited at the street corner

For the man who would save me from this fire burning in my bowel

All through the cold night, my clit was dead,

Buried deep in my want and lust

I had lost hope, until a savior came this Easter morn

– His body was that of a god

He signaled to me to come, at his feet I fell to worship.


Father, I know you see me as a pervert

Don’t blame me for this weakness, even a virgin can bear a child –

For I like it wild and dirty –

I like it when my legs are flung apart

Stretched like the cross on Golgotha 

At his feet, he stepped on my clitoris,

Sparkling them to life as his toes 

nailed the dark hole situated in between my soft thighs

his nails dug deeper into my womanhood,

resurrecting in me wild wind of deep-dark desires

gushing out living water 

as it washed my sins down my legs

I grabbed his feet in awe

And shoved them down my mouth

Liking the juice, my lust came alive for more


Father – did I hear you moan softly too?

Have I resurrected in you a desire to punish a filth like me?

Father, cleanse with your holy water

As my mouth takes it all in

Shove your toes into my hole

And let cum alive this resurrection day!


Mayeux St. Jaccobi writes from the windy city of Chicago, where the city extremes offer inspiration for his works. He explores the theme of spirituality, sensuality and sexuality in his works. He has been published in several publications. 

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