Mel Meadows

Your breath. My heart

Words pumping blood

into a dried-up heart

Cracked and bruised

Bleeding out Breathe in


Thoughts of hot showers

and naked embraces

The kind of sweat 

I haven’t swam 

for a long time


Riding a wave of ecstasy

Then falling into 

a crumbled body of tears

Heaving in great gasps

Whispers of safety

into my ear


We don’t cum together

but we come together

His body moves 

from beneath mine

I hear the tap switch on 

and the steam

begins to fill the bathroom


I catch a glimpse 

of his fire red crotch

and smile to myself

A secret shared 

with a long-time friend


The heat rains 

down on my head

I wish his shower curtain

wasn’t plastic

I see dead whales

on the shores of the Caspian Sea

I want him to tear it down

Pull it back

Pull me close


A new intimacy occurs

The kind where he pees 

on one side of the divide

and I embrace myself as mist

rises above the shower rail


He steps in behind me

His arms wrap reassuringly 

over my breasts

as if holding me up 

from my past

He whispers again 

You are safe here 

I know this and 

I hold him tighter 

as my body heaves


Releasing all that brokenness

into the curve of his neck

where it meets his shoulder

Into the softness of his cheek

Into the pillow

Next time (we will)

cum together

Triple Threat

I spend time with your words

because I cannot spend time 

with your body 


Behind closed eyes I see

our bodies rise and fall

like a tide to the shore


In early morning dreams

before the sun has risen

our bodies curl together


My lips whisper 

a sleepy good morning

on the back of your neck


At night I imagine

our legs wrapped 

around each other


as we ping-pong about our days 

Before I pull you 

on top of me


Your face moves towards mine

I reach for you

both hands drawing you in


Mouths open

lips soft

Our tongues dance 


until we cum 

in a wave

of ecstasy 


At night I hide 

under my blankets

Longing for you 


I touch myself

rubbing slowly 

      then fast


The pulse 

of my clitoris

the wetness between my legs


flows out

into an ocean 

for you

Because I Didn’t Bring Cookies

because I didn’t bring cookies

we had coffee and looked at the art 

on your walls


because I didn’t bring cookies

I let you take off my bra and

I pressed my naked chest against yours


because I didn’t bring cookies

I let you put your finger 

inside me 


because I didn’t bring cookies

I let you lick my pussy 

til I almost came


because I didn’t bring cookies

I let you put your bare cock inside me 

and I rode you for a minute


because I didn’t bring cookies

we sucked each other’s tongues and 

slapped our bodies hard against each other


because I didn’t bring cookies

I let you fuck me 

til you came on my back


because I didn’t bring cookies

I order them delivered from Craig’s

The smell of my cunt fresh out of the oven


Mel (she/her) is thrilled to find somewhere to submit her erotic poetry and wishes the world (and her family) appreciated talking about sex (and death) in a way the world typically avoids. She likes longish walks on the beach with her rescue pup, haunting literature with a twist, and the darkest of memoirs and humour. A lover, a dreamer, a future burlesque dancer, and part time optimist; she has been published in a variety of online and print magazines and leads free writing workshops for those in need/marginalized communities.


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