Rachel Anya Doyle

My Erotic Brother

My older brother called, “Anna Marie, they offered me a position in the Vancouver schools. Is there any way you can come over to Grand Junction and help me move?”

“You’re moving to Canada?”

“No, it’s across the Colombia River from Portland, Oregon.” He paused. “Please, I need your help. Everyone has deserted me after the divorce, and I don’t want to ask our parents since they’re so old and weak from constantly smoking.”

We were starting a new project at work, but I helped him move since we were life-long best friends, and he was my only brother. He rented a U-Haul truck while I drove his pickup, following behind. We hit torrential rain in Salt Lake City. It was night, and we couldn’t see through the water hammering the windshield. We got the first motel. 

Shaking with chills, I took a hot shower. When he came out from his, he had a sheepish grin on his face.

“What happened?”

“You ever missed the toilet because your cock kinda bent off to the side?” He shook his head. “I made a pool and used a ton of toilet paper to clean it up.”

I grinned. “I don’t think I ever did.”

He blinked. His hand went to his forehead and pushed blonde hair off to the side of his forehead. “Oh, sorry, we’re so close, I forgot you’re not a guy.”

I giggled. “I think of you as a girl.”

We grabbed a bite in the hotel restaurant and headed for bed. He was thirty-five and twice divorced. He had problems with women, despite being knock-down handsome and highly educated. He was too nice and a pushover so women lost respect. I was twenty-seven and had been on two dates in my whole life since I am high-functioning autistic. I always freaked out and did something inappropriate to scare men away. I didn’t care, most just wanted sex. 

My bi roommate, Echo, who has blonde hair and blue eyes, had her heart broken a hundred thousand times, and I was good with being lesbian. Guys said I was beautiful since I’m petite and look a bit like Frida with a black eyebrow above my brown eyes and oval face. I didn’t need a relationship with a man and was a virgin. I had my computers with their fascinating spinning tapes.

Charlie and I slept naked so I put on a robe in the bathroom while he put his on outside, figuring that once the lights were off, we’d drop the robes and crawl into separate beds. I came out and looked up at him. “Think we could cuddle like when I was a child? We might not see each other for a long time.” I let my robe fall open.

A warm, blue-eyed, loving smile appeared on his lips, showing straight white teeth. “I’d have trouble sleeping with you. You have an incredible body.” His eyes went to my firm breasts and scanned down. They locked onto my silky back pubic hair. He wanted me.

I wanted to play. I dropped my robe since I love being naked. I was eight again. “Drop yours and bounce with me.” I leaped onto a bed and started jumping up and down.

His robe hit the floor and he joined me. We flew up and down, holding hands like the time Mom caught us. Being a strong Catholic, she yelled hysterically, “You kids! That’s sinful. Jesus is watching.” She ordered us to stop chasing each other around the house naked. I was allowed to run around the house nude until I was twelve since most clothes drove me crazy, but Charlie had to wear them since he was eight years older and had cool-looking blonde pubic hair and a long dangling cock. 

I leaped to the other bed. “Bet you can’t catch me!” 

He was after me like that. We scrambled around the room, ran across the couch, and leaped over chairs. We were kids again, having fun. It had been years since we played together. I was fascinated that his cock flopped around and started getting bigger as I playfully touched it. “Tag, you’re it. You have to touch my nipples to tag me.”

We ran up and down and across furniture, tagging each other. Each time I touched his cock, it got harder. We had a pillow fight, and he knocked me down with one and fell on top of me. I felt his huge erection against my stomach. It made me wet. I wanted to stroke its length with my fingers since I had never caressed one.

I wiggled from under him, stole his pillow, and clobbered the back of his head. 

He chased me around the room, trying to smack me with a pillow, his erection slapping from side to side. It was beautiful – the only one I’d ever seen. I wondered what it would feel like to hold in my hands. It would take both to surround it since my hands are small like the rest of me. 

I suddenly dropped and turned back. Tackling his ankles, I took him down on the thick carpet, then crawled on top, tickling him. His cock slipped between my legs, and he slid it back and forth against my clitoris and between my tiny buns a dozen times. I was incredibly wet and hot.

My brother’s eyes went wide as did mine. I was ready for him to enter me. Maybe that’s why I had never tried it with a man – I was supposed to be his.

 He rolled me over and tickled me. I felt his hot manhood pressing between my labia and against my clitoris. I wanted him, I wanted to be with my brother. 

He knew every sensitive spot. 

I screamed with laughter and nearly had an accident. “Charlie, hold up, I need to pee.”

He let me go so I could take care of business. When I finished, I turned off the restroom lights and hid behind the shower curtain, waiting for him to come check. I’d jump on his back and rub my breasts all over him when he opened the door. 

Nothing happened. 

I thought maybe he had fallen asleep. I was disappointed since I wanted to keep playing. I was fascinated with his pulsing penis since I had never seen one hard and desperately wanted to hold it in my hands to examine it.

I stepped from the bathtub and opened the door cautiously, expecting him to clobber me with a pillow. All the lights were out. Huh, I thought, The turkey just went to bed guess he’s tired from driving the big U-Haul truck through the rain.

 I grinned. I’d pounce on his stomach like I used to the first thing in the morning before he left for college. I snuck quietly past the first bed. I was about to leap when he popped out from under the desk and flattened me on a bed. 

I screamed and he laughed. 

I hit the lights because I wanted to see his magnificent body. I wanted to play with his cock and taste it. Mostly, I wanted him to stick it into me.

“You’re so beautiful, sensual, and erotic.” He touched my Frida eyebrow, then rolled me over and got on his knees. He held his erection near my face. “Kiss it.” He cupped my left breast, massaging it sensually.

I did.

“Put your lips around it.” He flipped my nipples, then rubbed both of them with his gentle masculine hands.

He didn’t need to ask twice. 

I pushed my mouth around it, feeling it throb. I looked up and he smiled. 

“I love you, Sister.”

“I love you too, Brother, more than you could possibly know.” 

 “Teach me what to do with your manhood.”

“Just keep your mouth on it and move up and down.”

I did. It was white, long, and thick with veins that pulsed. My brown hands barely reached around his meat. I let my throat relax since his strong hands guided my head up and down, not too deep. He was gentle and loving. I licked his nearly hairless balls. He tasted good and smelled like bath soap. 

My brother had me lay with my head hanging over the bed, and slipped his wonderful penis into my mouth. I managed to deep-throat him with his gentle coaching, my throat opening. My God, it was nearly too long. It passed into my esophagus, making my throat buldge. 

“Are you doing okay?” His voice filled with concern.

I nodded the best I could with his cock down my throat. I felt it pulse and didn’t know what to expect. Palpitating and trembling inside my mouth with a final thrust, he exploded. Hot sperm shot into my mouth and blew out my nose. I swallowed the warm, salty cream and pulled away, giggling as I caught my breath. 

His lips were full and his tongue gentle in my mouth. We giggled like children as his fingers probed into my pubic hair. My clit was thick and damp. He made it waltz and two-step, then his middle finger slipped into my womanhood, exploring my hymen, but he didn’t break it – he was too respectful, too polite. 

I knew I’d have to ask. 

His hands were everywhere at once, cupping my chin, sliding up and down and around my shoulders to my hips and down my legs, massaging my muscles with brotherly love. His palms filled with my breasts, holding my nipples between a finger and thumb. His tongue tasted and licked, his teeth nibbled, hot – nearly rough and ravenous. His weight was solid, pinning me to the bed as he covered my petite body.

“Take me, Charlie, fuck me deep. I don’t want to be a virgin, please!” 

I let out a low gasp when he broke my hymen with his middle finger. “Oh, that feels good. It didn’t hurt at all.”

“Want me to pleasure you?” He licked his lips.

“Sure, what should I do?”

“Just lay back on the bed, and I’ll show you.” 

He parted my legs and ate me out, softly, slowly at first. He sucked my long clitoris, tickling it with his tongue, then he nose-dived between my labia, and I went into wonderland from his licking and sucking. A rolling orgasm shuddered through me like a hot steam. He was better than Echo, and she was good – very good.

When I came too, he slid up my body, rubbing my erect nipples with his. His fingers explored my vagina, teasing, tormenting me. “Are you okay with this?” 

I nearly orgasmed again.

“Please Brother, I’ve always wanted you. When you used to tell me about your sexual adventures I imagined it was me. I still masturbate thinking of you, wishing I could make love with you.” I took a sharp breath when he withdrew his finger. “I’ve wanted you since forever.”

“Okay, are you ready? Last chance to stay a virgin.”

“More than forever.”

He sensually parted my labia with his fingers, and I felt him delicately enter me. 

“Yes! Oh..my..God!” It was marvelous. My virginal vagina was in heaven as he stroked my pink cave slowly, waiting until my body parts adjusted to his width and length an inch at a time. 

At last, he was in up to the hilt. I felt like I just ate a huge Thanksgiving dinner and needed to use the bathroom, I was so full. I suddenly understood why Echo loved doing it with a man.

Gradually, he built momentum and we made love. I couldn’t get enough of my brother. I ached as I bucked against his hard meat and went into the zone, writhing beneath him, arching up, twisting for more. 

He orgasmed and delighted my cervix with his hot milk. He left it in me, staying hard, and we made love, love, love. He brought me to the edge and with a slight smile, he pulled it from my throbbing vagina.  

I cried out in desperation, “Fuck me, Bro, please, enter me again. You’re the only man I’ve ever wanted.” 

He glanced down at the sheets. “You’ve never used a dildo? Look at that.” 

There was a long dark streak of blood. 

It made me proud. I looked up into his sparkling blue eyes. He was also proud of me, proud of us. We belonged to one another.

When he inscribed me the second time, a sharp sweet sensation jolted through my body, making my face tingle, giving me hot pleasure, and causing another earthquake to ripple up my stomach muscles. My cheeks went numb and I nearly blacked out.

As I casually relaxed near sleep in his warm, strong arms, he slowly withdrew. He turned around to lick our juices from my sopping wet pussy. As he licked me, I sucked his cock – a symphony of sex and love. We had loved each other since we were small children. 

In the back of my mind, I had always envisioned it would be him who would break my hymen. 

It had finally happened. 

His tongue forced my tummy muscles to spasm in a fresh climax. 

He turned around to kiss me and in the process, rolled us over so I was on top. “They call this the cowgirl position. You’ll like it.” 

I was in control and took my time, at first a slow walk, then trotting. I loped on his hard body as if his cock was a saddle horn. His eyes rolled back into his head when I turned it into a gallop. I’m not sure how long I maintained the pace but suddenly, I collapsed into his arms as he blew into me again. 

Over the next hours, he showed me everything a man and woman could do to bring each other pleasure. He had a lot of experience after the divorce from a slut. She had shown him at least a hundred and one different sexual positions. He licked my ear, whispering, “You are so virginal, sensual, and beautiful like Mother Mary. I love you, Sister.” His pupils were fully dilated.

Charlie positioned me on my knees and lubed us with saliva. I was full of his cum, and he could have used it instead. My brother gradually slipped his erection up into my anus, moving benevolently – monitoring me as I relaxed inch by precious inch. He was so long it felt like he touched my heart with his lovely penis. 


He increased tempo and I called out. “Fuck me, Brother, fuck me hard.” Damn, he knew how to fuck. Charlie pounded my ass like his cock was a jackhammer.

I had another, different kind of orgasm. 

Interesting. I suddenly knew why gay men liked each other. I was getting a real education. An erotic one.

I liked it. “I didn’t know you could have an anal orgasm. Can we do it that way again?”

“Sure, whatever you want. I love you, Anna Marie. I’ve always loved you, and I always will. If we could marry it would be perfect.”

Tears ran down my cheeks. “I love you too, Charlie, you are the only man for me.” 

We played like that for hours, fucking, sucking, kissing, and licking, then took a break for another pillow fight. We hadn’t had a pillow fight since he left for college. I screamed and laughed. 

The people in the adjoining hotel rooms banged on the walls. 

We stopped to listen. 

One side was the couple’s headboard hitting the wall. We had aroused them. On the other side, a muffled man’s voice said, “Hey, stop the screaming. I don’t mind that your fucking, but don’t scream.” 

I slapped my hand over my mouth and suppressed a shrill one.

We made love again and again. We 69ed, and he came in my mouth. This time I didn’t swallow, instead I shared it in his mouth. 

His hungry tongue lapped it up, then he kissed me with moisture in his eyes. “Anna Marie, my love, I want to live with you. I want to make love with you every night and in the morning.” 

“Charlie, that’s what I want. Is there any way you can find a job around Fort Collins? I’d love to sleep with you and Echo. I’m sure she would enjoy both of us.” Echo was my best friend. She was bi and had a relationship with Charlie before he married the whore.

He slipped back inside me from the front and raised onto his arms as he looked into my dialiated brown eyes. “I’ll try. None of the school districts within driving distance of you had openings this year.” He kissed my nose. “I have a contract for a year in Vancouver, but I’ll try to get a job near you next spring.” 

It was so sexy to have a serious conversation with my brother’s dick in me while we looked into each other’s eyes. “Maybe once a month one of us could fly over and we can make love.”

He nodded. “Make that twice a month.” 

He stayed in that position, his erection deep inside me as we looked into the deep pools of each other’s eyes. I wiggled to keep him hard. We talked about Catholicism and our parents, worrying what they would think if they knew we had sex. We’d never tell them. 


I turned the lights down. Our passion simmered like hot chocolate on a crackling wood stove during a snowy evening. It was so romantic. 

“Sis, I’ve wanted to make love with you since you turned sixteen.” 

I looked into his searing blue eyes. “I’ve wanted to make love with you since I was twelve.”

We talked for half an hour about the issues. I periodically squirmed to keep him erect.  It would be between us and Echo. No one else would ever know, and we’d take precautions. Good thing I just had my period so tonight should be safe, the Catholic method, you know.

After multiple orgasms, we tired. He smiled as he lay back on the bed. Lifting the blankets, he waved me in next to him as I had wanted from the beginning. The smell of sex hit my nose and I inhaled deeply. Soon, we dropped off to sleep like a pair of contented, milk-fed kittens. 

I slept deeply for the first time in years, waking refreshed in the morning.

He had been watching me sleep. My brother kissed my cheeks then licked both ears. “I love you, Sis, you are the most beautiful, sexual, and delightful female on the planet.” He shook his head. “I wish we could marry.”

I nodded. “Me too.” I reminded him, “Echo’s a lot like me, and she would marry you in a heartbeat.” I giggled. “Maybe the three of us can marry. It would be fun – she’s a nudist like us. We could play together if you did.” I thought for a moment. “She would enjoy it if you and I were lovers with her.”

He sighed deeply. “Give me a couple of years to get on my feet and stitch up this gash in my chest, then I’ll wine and dine her. Tell her to wait for me.”

“Okay, just don’t fall in love with another woman in Vancouver.”

“I won’t.”

We made love again, luxuriously with sacred feelings. He carefully pulled out and came on my tits, tummy, or back, then massaged my breasts and tummy with it. We were sticky all over and enjoyed watching it dry so we could pick the crusts from each other’s bodies. 

We fucked all day, only stopping to relieve ourselves and have something to eat. We booked the room for another night since it felt like what just happened was a fantasy, an erotic wet dream. 

The next morning, we were satiated. I replayed the wonderful experience with my brother all the way during the journey to his apartment in Vancouver.

We bought a carton of condoms but didn’t like the feeling so we purchased a big can of spermicidal foam. I stayed a week because we needed to familiarize ourselves with each other’s bodies, learning what excited each other, what pleased the other. I understood why women liked having sex with a man. It was a different energy, powerful and strong compared to Echo’s which was wavy and soft. We were deeply in love and had been from the first moment of my consciousness.

“Marry me,” I begged. “I’ll go on birth control, get an implant, or use a diaphragm.”

“I could get a vasectomy.”

“It would be easier for us, but both me and Echo want to have a baby with you. We’ve dreamed about it. The baby would be so cute.”

His eyes lit up, and he kissed me luxuriously. “God, if there was anyway to marry you and Echo, I would.” His blue eyes were like a hot bubbling spring.

“We won’t tell anyone we’re lovers. We’ll live together and pretend we’re simply practical friends.”

“I need to make a living.”

“I’ll support us. I make good money in the computer science lab.”

He took a deep breath, thinking. “Let me do one year up here since I signed a contract, then I’ll try to get a job near Fort Collins.” He kissed me with love in his eyes. “Save your black hairy pussy for me, Sis, okay?”

“No problem.” I grinned. “Save your cum for me.” I knew he’d be picking up some bar slut within a week after I was gone since he was a horny toad. 

Like me.

He looked at me for a moment. “I’ll try.”

“Just remember, I’m waiting for you, hot, wet, and waiting for your cream.”

“Okay, I’ll fly to see you in a couple of weeks – once I’m settled in. I can’t wait to make love with you again.”

“That would be wonderful. I could fly up every weekend if you want.” I grinned. “I’m sure Echo would like to see you – I could bring her along.”

“Sure, that would be great. I’ve loved her since I first met her when you were in junior high.” He held me close. “I love you, Anna Marie, more than anyone in the world. Soon, I’ll be with you every day for the rest of my life.”

We just had to do it again although our private parts were sore. I would see him next weekend. 

I couldn’t wait.


Rachel Anya Doyle was a resident of New Zealand of mixed race. Despite learning disabilities and mild autism, she became an English teacher, a Ph.D. psychologist, and a business woman. Her stories, books, songs, and poems have been published. She has five Facebook profiles with 5000 followers each. She enjoys traveling worldwide as a professional speaker.

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