Ram Krishna Singh

Love Tanka

When I have no home

I seek refuge in the cage

of her heart and close

my eyes to see with her nipples

the tree that cared to save from sun


In the forest of her hair

my finger searches

the little pearl of blood

that stirs the hidden waters

and contains my restlessness


Before the foamy

water could sting her vulva

a jellyfish passed

through the crotch making her shy-

the sea whispered a new song


Watching the waves

with him she makes an angle

in contemplation:

green weed and white foam break

on the beach with falling mood


The power goes off

suddenly summer heat chokes

in bed sleepless she turns

undoing a hook or two

of her tight blouse


Shaped like a bird

a drop of water lands

on her breast:

my breath jumps to kiss it

before her pelvic flick


Swirling spiral

of her skirt spills tides of dream

and memory:

I breathe fire in the dance

forgetting bends and twists


When I inhale in 

her mouth and exhale stroking

hair or caressing

I ride her into joy and 

make her hail morning like earth


Short nights and long days

sleep loss rustles a friction

echoing in bed

the cycle of cravings

over and over again


Ram Krishna Singh has published poems, articles and book reviews in various magazines and journals over the years and taught English for Science and Technology, Indian Writing in English, and Criticism at IIT-ISM, Dhanbad for nearly four decades. In 2023 he published his newest book of poems, Poems and Micropoems from Southern Arizona Press, USA. Find him on Twitter @profrksingh and on Facebook www.facebook.com/profrksingh . More at https://pennyspoetry.fandom.com/wiki/R.K._Singh

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