Red Passion

I Couldn’t Wait For You

I’m sorry. I know how much you want me at the moment. With my larger breasts and happier mood. With my swollen belly full of our kid to be. 

I woke in the middle of the night, hormones raging, wanting you, wanting that release. Strange, I thought, that l only feel like sex in the middle of the night. 

I thought of you. Your body, your amorous lips, the way you know how to touch me. How we made love on the last night before you left. I recalled how good that felt. That got me hot.

I thought of the two women making out in the movie I watched last night. They were naked, slick with sweat, kissing, caressing, fucking. That made  me ache. 

I thought of my favourite actress (you know who she is), resplendent in uniform, tough, sassy, sexy. That reoccurring fantasy I have run through my mind – of her wanting to kiss me, me undressing her, and crossing that chain of command. That made me slick.

I pushed back the covers, exposing my naked body to the air. I was ‘hot and bothered.’ You know how much I like those old school sayings. I wondered how long it was until you would be home. I looked at my phone. Four hours. 

But how I felt, a minute was far too long to wait.  I gave in, I couldn’t let myself go disappointed could I?


Red is a queer writer of short fiction and poetry. Her works are featured/forthcoming in Wicked Gay Ways and Pink Disco Magazine. She received a highly commended in the 2023 Stringybark Erotic Short Story Award. She lives in Australia.

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