Remona Tanner


It’s us, in the most vulnerable of ways…
Both comprehend the consequences of raw passion but still we stay.
Who’s to blame?

It’s not only an infatuation; set ablaze by longsuffering obsession.
Yes, we’ve tangled before, but neither learned our lesson.

We seek an affection of the same kind and at last…when the twilight sinks into the sky…you’ll be mine.

From sunrise until the sun dies and the moon reclaims it’s throne in the sky. Just beyond the clouds where earth ends, and heaven begins.

Abjure? For what reason? I could easily starve my desires but I’d much rather bend to your will.

Gather my inhibitions for you. Ready them for the kill.

Touch one another so gently that the lovemaking becomes art. Then surrender and tear each other apart.

I bet the honeybees envy me, watching you disappear below my navel, capture my pearl and drink until I tremble in both thighs just below both knees.

Do not stop.

I’m headed to the peak, come cum with me.
You and I are knotted up so densely that there’s no longer a you or a me. It’s we.


Remona Tanner has always loved reading and writing and speaking. First published in 2014, Diamond Infatuated, Louisiana author Remona G. Tanner has set and exceeded personal life goals while becoming an active member in her community through youth outreach programs. After the successful completion of her second novel, The Aching 2015, she released her 2017 piece titled: Malicious. Her latest project: The Vast Uncertainty of a Raindrop. (2019). She wants to live forever in ink. And she wants her voice to be the one people hear when they begin to get weary, when they want to give up.

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