Stephen Faulkner

Immoral Support

Both Jakelin and Delina had come from very strict, religious homes where what their parents said was law and no argument about the apparent unfairness of their rules would be brooked.  What they said was what was expected of their children and that, by God, was that. Or else!

Understandably, both of these two offspring felt that they were being forced to accede to the tenets of what they perceived as the ignorant branch of Christian intolerance for anyone or thing their parents’ backward faith did not understand or condone. Both Jakelin and Delina were intelligent young people and as such they both did their damnedest to get the hell out from under the parental thumb as soon as they possibly could. For both of them the opportunity to do so came in the mail informing each of them that they had been accepted to a college that was far, far away from the reach of the Gestapo tactics of their immediate forebears.  

That was where they met in their freshman year. The browbeating both of these young people had taken at the hands and shrill voices of their parents had had a deleterious effect on their lives. So much so that they had dated seriously through their sophomore years at college and still had not consummated the relationship. In the second week of classes of their junior year, Jakelin made the decision that this dearth of sexual activity between them would end, and he would make it happen in a quite creative manner.

This, then, is where our story begins. Take notes, if you must. There may be a quiz at the end of this tale of two virgins.



Jakelin stood completely naked before Delina, his girlfriend of six months duration, with a deep feeling of uncertainty and unease. He hoped that this little ploy was going to work for him. They had talked about the fact that they had been together for a relatively long stretch and neither of them had ever made any sexual overtures, not even jokingly, in all that time. They had been dating for more than half a year and all they did in that time besides go to the movies or have dinner at a local restaurant was to make out for a half hour or so, tongues wrestling with each other in slippery delight, before saying their chaste good nights and parting ways.

This, Jakelin thought as he worked his penis to its zenith of seven fat inches of rock hardness, will either get me laid or else destroy whatever relationship we’ve had up to this moment in a nano-second.

“You’ve already got me all twittery nervous,” said Delina, still with her eyes squinched tightly shut. “I’m ready, already, so show me the surprise you’ve got for me before I just burst. That’s it! If you don’t tell me to open my eyes real soon, I will literally explode from all these anxious feelings you’re putting me through.”

“I’m only trying to heighten your level of anticipation for what you’re about to see,” he said. “Just a few seconds more….”

“No!” she said loudly as she opened her pretty deep hazel colored eyes. “Just show me what it is…. Oh, my!” 

Jakelin didn’t expect the reaction his unexpected nudity would have on Delina. She took the two steps needed to cross the short distance between them and drew him into a tight embrace with her hands quickly planted on his bare buns. He felt the delicious sensation of her soft, warm hands kneading and massaging his ass, spreading the cheeks and working several fingers in playful circles tickling maddeningly at the rim of his anus. His cock got even harder as the sensations rippled through him. As good as it all felt, however, he was still the only one of them who was naked.  

“Uh, ‘Lina?” he said shyly. “Don’t you think you’re kind of overdressed for what I think we’re both thinking of doing in the next few minutes?”

Delina backed away a step and studied her naked boyfriend with serious intent, as if she were sizing him up for a part in the next act in the story of her life. A mischievous look came over her pretty face that got Jakelin wondering what was going on behind those storm-cloud colored eyes of hers. “I thought it should be your job to get that bit of business started,” she said seductively. Jakelin’s breathing came in labored gasps as she said this though more because, as she made her case as to who was to do what, she was gently stroking the shaft of his burgeoning cock from root to head and back again, each time gently fondling his scrotum on the down stroke.

Jakelin’s hands trembled as he undid the buttons on Delina’s blouse, zipped down the fly on her cut-off jeans and watched transfixed as each article of unfettered clothing hit the ground. Delina took pity on her lust-struck boyfriend and unhooked her C-cup bra and slid her panties over her hips and thighs and kicked them across the room when she had shimmied them past her knees to down her ankles. She then took him by his still tumescent pecker and led him to her bed where she turned him around so the backs of his knees touched the mattress and gave him a hearty shove that pitched him onto his back on the bed with his dick sticking straight up like the mast on a foundering sailboat that had lost its rigging.

She looked down on his shameless nudity and smiled sweetly. “I’ve done my part for the moment,” she said as she straddled his hips on the bed. “Now it’s your turn to tell me what it is that you want me to do.”

He looked up at her sweet, anxious face, then down to where their bodies seemed to be inextricably connected. A dribble of her vaginal discharge slid in among his pubic hairs, making them glisten prettily in the low light in which the room was bathed.  “Kiss me,” was all he could think to say. So she leaned down to give him the deepest, most passionate kiss in the history of romance. All it turned out to be was a companionable smooch on the cheek since Jakelin had whispered to her his real desire of what it was that he had in mind. He bucked his hips up between her legs to indicate where her osculating mouth should focus its attention. 

She gave him an understanding little nod, kissed him once more before travelling her mouth slowly southward from his chin to his neck then to his chest where she nipped playfully at his nipples. For some reason she spent what seemed to be an inordinate amount of time licking and sucking on the left one before continuing her journey down to his navel, then following the darkening trail of hairs to the base of the leafless, miniature tree that was his masculine tool for simultaneously satisfying both his lover and  himself. She bit and nipped and licked her way up to its drooling head before slowly engulfing it into her mouth with a contented sigh. She then just stopped there, holding his dickhead tucked against her uvula with her tongue, reveling in the sensation of the moment. 

That was all that it was: just a moment. When she felt that the moment had passed she then began working the head and shaft of her lover’s member in and out of her mouth while occasionally stopping to drill the tip of her tongue into the little hole in the center of the glans so she could taste the first little hints of the deluge to come. Then she would start anew, again slowly bobbing her head up and down, taking his cock right to the back of her mouth until it nearly gagged her, then out again where she would kiss its drippy head before taking it sometimes slowly, sometimes swiftly back into her mouth in just the sort of rhythm she intended to use when she had this very erotic appendage deep inside her achingly anxious vagina as he would soon be getting the most intense fuck of her young life.

At least that was what she hoped would happen. Right now, though, Jakelin was moaning softly and had even muttered softly that he was about to come. Delina stopped her in and out ministrations of the young man’s cock and just held it in her mouth while rubbing her tongue over its length until the spill of semen bathed sperm filled her mouth in several spasmodic waves that she had to gulp down or else drown in its increasing volume of spreading viscosity.  

She then licked the shaft and head of his dick clean before crawling up to kiss his face and accept another passionate bout of tongue wrestling as her lover’s due for having given Jakelin a quite marvelous job of fellatio. She knew that she had done wonderfully well at the task for he had said as much to her as he could manage in the heated state of sexual satiation he was in. 

All he really said about the way he was feeling was a simple, whispered, “Wow!”  It was the fervor with which he enunciated that primal word that told Delina all she needed to know about her unpracticed skill at pleasing her man. 

“Where did you learn to do all that?” he wanted to know.

“I read a lot,” she said honestly.  Then, with a wink, added, “A lot of really explicit sexy stuff that’s not on any reading list I know about.” 

She then lay back, partially sated, as she accepted his kisses to her mouth, neck, nipples and, later on, down to the labial mass between her splayed thighs that was just beginning to ooze its own juices onto the sheets of the bed.  Soon, though, Jakelin’s eager tongue was there to slurp and lick and poke its way in and through and around the entire vicinity of her pudenda or vulva or vagina or hoo-hah or whatever euphemism was in vogue at the time when Delina and her man were ensconced in the physical expressions of their lust, love and their individual intentions of goading the other to a mind bending orgasm that neither of them would soon forget.  

Right now, it was Jakelin’s turn to even the score.  Soon his tongue flicking attention to the little nub of her clitoris had gotten Delina writhing and bucking and shoving the wet and slippery opening to her virgin entry to what one porno hack she had read had called her “love canal.” Her voice sounded as if she were drunk as she slurred her demands for him to “take me! Take me now!”

He didn’t have to be told twice. His cock was as thick and hard as it ever was going to be. He stroked it a few times before rolling a condom onto it from head to base. He tucked it between Delina’s inner labia and pushed slowly into her “love canal” until he came upon what felt like a thin wall inside of her. 

He pulled back a little, but not out all the way. He pushed in a little harder and heard her cry out with an anguished, guttural yowl that stopped him cold.

“I don’t want to hurt you,” he said. “Tell me what you want me to….”

“Push harder!” she said, a stern demand. “Keep at it until you’re all the way in me.”

“But I don’t want to….”
“Push harder!” she repeated, more vehemently. “You’re inside me anyway, you might as well fuck me and fuck me good. And I mean REAL good so I can get past this pain to what all those writers have almost guaranteed that this thing called sex and love making is all about.”

Jakelin said nothing as he slowly pushed his throbbing dick into his girlfriend’s pussy until he felt something give and he suddenly found his thighs pressed tightly against hers. She had given off a loud gasp of pain which she powered through with a determined deep intake of air before she began matching her hip rolling to his pelvic thrusts that they had made into something almost mechanical in its timing and efficiency that only ended when Jakelin said that he couldn’t hold back anymore. So, with a loud, whispery “Ahhhhhh!” his body stiffened as he plunged home three final labia slapping thrusts before he fell sideways from his not so satisfied partner and lay panting on his back as his cock withered and the condom dangled uselessly over the bunched and sweaty sheets.

They took a shower together, washing each other as erotically as they could before getting back to the bed. They cuddled and kissed and fondled each other and were soon ready to do it all over again. 

Delina held the condom in front of his eyes like a carrot in front of a horse as a goad to keep the mood going. “But much more slowly, this time,” she said as she stoked his dick and watched with fascination as it thickened and grew in length and stiffness. “Now that I’ve got the hang of it, I want to make it last and last and last.” She touched her tongue to head of his dick and smiled at him so sweetly that he felt something inside him literally melt. “And I know that you’re just the guy that can do it.”

“You know I am, ‘Lina,” he said sincerely. 

“I hope you are,” she said as she lay back against the pillows with her legs spread wide for what she would instruct him to do. “And you know something? If you’re not, then I’m really sure that I can find some other guy who can.”

Jakelin looked at her sweet and serious face, then down to her wide open, dribbling pussy and all that it promised.  He stroked his cock a few times before rolling another condom down its shaft. He then slipped his member into her with one deep and surprising thrust that drew a gasp from her that elated him to no end.  And yes, he was slow and caringly earnest in all that he did for her during that final time that he made love to her. He made her come, so she told him, about five times by the time he was through. He had even been able to slip a finger into her anus  during the height of their passionate tussle but that was the least of what the final result was to that night of torrid coupling. 

That remark about her being sure that she could find someone else to satisfy her orgasmic yearnings was what had goaded him into making her desires come true. It was that same remark that convinced him that he, too, could find someone else to bank the fires of his sexual passions in such a manner that he knew would be simply amazing and wonderful.

He had already made up his mind to begin his search for that elusive woman the very next day.  He was also determined that Delina would know nothing about his plans until she met him on the street, with his arm around his new paramour. At the same time Delina would have a look of abashed bewilderment on her face that would delight Jakelin in such a way that he would then know that his break-up with Delina would be the best decision he had ever made.

“Harder!” she demanded as his mind wandered. “Fuck me like you mean it!”

“Oh, I do mean it, sweetheart,” he said as he redoubled his efforts at what he now thought of as her twat. “More than you’ll ever know.”  


Stephen Faulkner is a native New Yorker who was transplanted with his wife, Joyce, to Atlanta, Georgia. He and his wife are now both retired and living the good life in Central Florida.  Steve’s first novel, Aliana in Paradise was published by World Castle Publishing in 2018; his second, Lunar Effects was published by Eden Stories Press in 2020; Speculations, a book of short stories, has just been released by Bridge House Publishing. All are available through and

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