Victoria Day-Joel

She Horn

Her mouth and pussy ache for you 

as if it was all she ever needed

She re-plays in her mind sex talk and visions of you hard 

Her pleasure is not exclusive to you being with her 

She orders her toys like erect cock, glistening with lube, waiting in line.

Her excitement in discovering which orifice can be delved into for the sweetest pleasure 

She is only satisfied when all holes are filled

Her toys are teased with lips, her mind is filled in sensual overload

She cascades with electronic pleasure 

Her eyes roll and body shake as she explores wildly 

She’s in a deep well of afterglow 

Sex wash drips down her legs in her hour of horn.


Victoria Day-Joel is a poetess and author of Poetry Inspired by Oliver 2018, New Beginnings 2020 and A Piece of Me 2023 through Olympia Publishers London.

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