Alana Carmen

I Want What I Want

Softness, silk
falling, a feather
caressing skin
willing the garment to drop
giving freedom taking
to the couch
to a male gaze
where touch is unnecessary
(and unwanted)
for the body to
arch, writhe, climax –
as you are my witness.


Alana Carmen started writing at 13 years of age. Between 2009 and 2012, a selection of her short stories was published in magazines, and in 2012 her play Ritratt was voice acted in Malta. Alana was born in Australia, raised in Malta, called London home for a while, and is currently living in Ireland. She loves outdoor adventures and is somewhat of an adrenaline junky. When not in the open air, Alana is working as a psychologist, reading and entertaining her two mutts, who make sure she waits on them hand and foot.

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