Issue 06

Editor’s Note

Have you ever wondered who made the rule about how sex must be explored, experienced, and enjoyed? Haven’t you asked the question, “Why can’t I just fuck the way I wanted?” Or “Why must I make love the way others prescribe?”

The human need to explore a natural desire has been imprisoned by societal rules invented by feeble minded folks who hide their weakness under the cloak of moralism and other repressive ideologies. Some of these moral peddlers are often caught exploring sex in a way they have condemned. Blinded by their ignorance of the human need of healthy and safe sexual exploration, they project their insecurity by canonizing how the rest of society should have sex. 

But there are those who understand that sex should not be shackled by the chains of fear or the tyranny of vain moralism. They recognize that sex between two consenting adults who are true to themselves and want to explore their humanity in the most unadulterated way should be decided by them. 

Prior to the proliferation of oral sex, it was a taboo to even think of it. However, findings from the National Social Life, Health, and Aging Project showed that oral sex is associated with better relationship quality among older adults. Yes, older adults love oral sex, a possible sign that they are shedding off the inhibition imposed on them by societal restriction as they now have nothing to lose if they become true to themselves. But should the rest of society wait long till old age to explore healthy sexual fantasies? 

We don’t think the tyranny of repressive sexual expression should continue. One way to escape this captivity is through kink. Kink has been gaining attention in recent years. Contrary to popular belief, incorporating consensual kink can positively impact a relationship by enhancing communication, trust, and overall satisfaction. 

Kink refers to any unconventional sexual behavior or interest that deviates from societal norms. It can encompass various activities such as role-playing, dramatization of erotic scenarios, fetish, bondage, dominance, submission, and more. It is not an act of depravity or perversion as some are quick to conclude. True kink is always consensual and based on mutual agreement between partners to spice up a boring sexual relationship.

In this edition, we open the door to creatives to shed light on the wonder of kink; to break down the limitation of sexual expressivity by unlocking new dimensions of intimacy and sexual connection. They espouse the importance of maximizing sexual pleasures in manners meaningful to each person rather than waste away under the burden of living the insecurities of others.  

Join us in this exciting issue as we push boundaries, experiment with new sensations, and tap into unexplored realms of pleasure. You will unlock increased levels of satisfaction and fulfillment, revitalize your intimate relationships, and enjoy the bond that comes from true human and sexual connection.


Lee Duchesne

Allan Lake

Jon Petruschke

Alana Carmen

Remona Tanner

Jacklyn Henry

Paul Hostovsky

Tyler Jones

Anna Emilia

Molly Fisher

Mark Heathcote

Corinne Hawk

Angele Ellis

Victoria Wraight

Richard Webber

Grant Burkhardt

Debarati Sen

Matt Gerard

Jason Hauser

Alex Ewing


Stephen Faulkner

Lee Eustace

Nicolas Van Der Haar

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