Issue 04

Editor’s Note

The sweltering sun of a summer noon opens a body up to the wet warm embrace of sweat. There is nothing special about a man’s body sweating under the oppressive rays of a proud element. But when he unbuttons his shirt, revealing a well-chiseled body, the upper region crafted through the rigor of athleticism, the body is transformed from a mold of smelly sweaty tissues into a trophy of sexy masculinity. Yes, his bosom becomes the center of lust. A desire that can only be quenched when another body melts in his warm embrace, a celebration of intense lust.

She saunters out of the beach, a soft, succulent beauty, dripping in the glistering light. She picks her steps seductively, taking in the gaze of all genders who hunger for her body, especially the nipples, firmly standing on her breasts. The perfection rounded into a bosom of bliss. She is not shy to bask in this awesome adoration of her sexual appeal, she loves how her body is devoured. Gradually, she loses her bra and spreads her legs open to let air and bodies beg to worship in her most luscious lustful part. 

Bosom is an interesting word that captures a part of a human body, which defies isolation to a particular gender. While it was originally used to refer to breasts, it has morphed into a description for the front part of the human body, an evolution that extends to intense emotions and intimacy. Bosom can also refer to shared values that carry very significant meanings. 

In this issue, we are reinventing bosom. Envision the front porch of a house full of possibilities. Not just the manicured lawns and aesthetically architected façade – those are the tip of the iceberg – but each room offers an intimate experience to create intense memories. The nipples become a knob to unlock a sea of orgasmic outburst; the breasts, soft mold of flesh, to relax a hungry libido prior to a celebration of licentiousness, or well cupped and ready for a bulging turgidity to plow the ridge till it spatters thick milk of climax.  The chest, firm, broad and strong, reassures the partner that this stud will pound his way into a bliss of orgy while safely tucked in a warm embrace.

Sex is more than a transitory moment of lust. It has to be profound, intense, and intimate to fully appreciate this special gift of passion and emotions. The breasts fondled and squeezed till they beg for wild thrusts. The chest should be clung to, and in some cases, nailed deeply, as the stud firmly holds his fort in an explosive exploration. Like the door that opens to endless possibilities, the bodies in lust should touch every sacred part till they drown in a sea of divine debauchery. Creatives were invited to explore the human body and they didn’t disappoint. This issue transcends pretentious sexual modesty and pushes the boundaries of lust beyond age, gender, space, or familiarity. You are invited to enjoy this bountiful harvest of lust with the hope that you will reinvent your version of bosom as well.


Mark Andrew Heathcote

Douglas Currier

Allan Lake

Alicia Murray

Robert Hallsey

Melody Greenfield

Alison Miller

Charles Upshaw III

Jack Henry


George Bidwell

Roderick Zeus

Stuart Watson

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