Issue 03

The Erozine Issue 03

Editor’s Note

Oftentimes, when the word, temple is used, it carries a religious connotation, a certain level of sacredness. In ancient Rome, the templum was a sacred space dedicated by the augur to convey divine message or foretell the future.  Modern religious practices continue to treat the temple as a spiritual entity, or a place devoted to a special purpose. 

But the temple is not only for religious interests. It can also refer to an anatomical feature of humans or certain mammals, especially the flattened space on each side of the forehead. The temple is the meeting point for the frontal, parietal, temporal, and sphenoid in the skull, four important bones that protect the brain. It is, however, significant to note that the temple is the thinnest part of the skull, hence at risk of a direct horizontal blow. This gives an interesting perspective – the human body, a temple of passions and desires, must be explored delicately with the purest of lust to achieve its sacred purpose.

In this edition, the focus is to reimagine the definition of temple, using the human body. The human body is not just a collection of flesh, water, and bones, adorned by organs; the body is a sacred entity endowed with sexual gifts for the special purpose of gratification. Each body part serves a special purpose and must be explored to fully fulfill its divine mandate in the Order of Lustfulness

The tongue on the nipples or orifices, the eyes tortured into submission as they crave to caress, dirty words that turn the ears into a conduit of erotic waves, thrusting the neurons in the brains to an ecstasy of frenzied yearning for wild sex, fingers that turn the breasts into knobs as the door to the heart moans in palpitation, and the climax that transforms the body from a  sac of flesh into a sea of orgasm, squirt and raw passion…

The human body is the most sacred temple. And lust is the most divine experience to unleash what gods wish they could! The fusion of passion, action, and emotions, breaking into a trance of thrusts, and climaxing to a crescendo of orgasmic epiphany is the purest experience of divine encounter, the communion of divine beings, the communication that no other human activity can achieve! 

Join us in this exciting issue as we explore the true temple dedicated to the indulgence of lust. You will see your body and your lover’s body differently, and love to worship in and through it!


Ridwan Tukur

Larry Oakner

Kate Meyer-Currey

Olaniyi Ololade Moses

Robert Beveridge

Kayleigh Willis

Donna Dallas

L.B. O’Connor

Linda Crate

Jen Mcca

Jide Badmus


Melissa Nunez

Z. Mork

Ben Umayam

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