Issue 05

The Erozine Issue 5

Editor’s Note

Hunger could mean many things to different people. However, it’s a term most people rarely pause to understand its expansiveness. To many, hunger is synonymous with malnourishment, undernourishment, and wasting. This type of hunger responds to psychological and physiological needs. 

There are others who see hunger as a strong desire for something. An ambitious drive to attain status, and achieve success or recognition. While this type of hunger satisfies a sociological need, the inability to fulfill it could lead to sociopsychological implications.

But there is a type of hunger that tops the pyramid of human needs. Fulfilling it is the culmination of other needs, a mastery achieved in actualizing the purest of desires – a self-fulfillment that comes from a lack of inhibition or prohibition of sensuous emotions. True self-actualization is recognizing the craving for lust, for one’s body to desire to be touched, to touch, to reach deep into the core of one’s humanity, and achieve freedom of expression in all its intensity. 

Not satisfying the hunger for sex and sensuous exploration could lead to a myriad of issues. Sexual deprivation could lead to psychological, physiological, and sociological complications that could endanger the sexually starved individual or society. Research has shown that one of the causes of compulsive sexual behavior is sustained repression of sexual desires. There is evidence to show that some people who are sexually deprived also have difficulty forming meaningful relationships.

Satisfying sexual desires is not only healthy but a necessity to create the right balance. It begins with an understanding of one’s sexual hunger and the appropriate way of satisfying it. It’s recognizing social boundaries as well as unhealthy social repressions fueled by baseless moralistic restrictions.  It’s an understanding that gratifying those desires could be through others who are willing to achieve the height of self-actualization. It’s knowing that exploring lust in its purest form is an experience that transcends debauchery and elevates to the realm of divinity! 

In this edition, hunger gets a makeover by exploring sexual fulfillment. That craving to reach deep into one’s humanity and give life to lustful desires. The opening of the body to new meanings as the tongue unleashes the floodgate of emotions, oozing like a fountain from all the orifices. Fingers slithering through delicate parts, arousing the neurons in the most seductive way, diffusing inhibition, triggering a yearning for deep thrusts into the height of self-actualization. The flame burns into a volcano, producing a stream of passionate sweat mixed beautifully with a squirt and other precious juices only manufactured at a crescendo of intimacy!  

Join us in this exciting issue as we explore diverse ways of satisfying the most significant type of hunger – sexual actualization! Here is your opportunity to get hungry and satisfied in one serving!


Lee Duchesne

Michael Imossan

Mark Heathcote

Allan Lake

Miri Gould

Michael Perret

Sally Plumb

David Galef

Victoria Day-Joel

Caitlin Hoskins

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