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...redefining lust



There is a great misunderstanding about the nature of lust. It is often scrutinized through the lens of morality and religion, often treated like a forbidden fruit. Yet, lust is very integral to human nature. While it can take different forms, such as a strong desire for power, wealth, position, ideology, etc., our interest is in a very unique flavor of lust – sexual desires. Sexual desires are intricately ingrained in humans. They serve as the bedrock of human survival and, in many cases, procreation. In many societies, sexual vibrancy is significant to social acceptance. Hence, the popularity of Kama Sutra, a collage of ancient sexual techniques still much practiced all over the world.

The Erozine is a biannual literary magazine established with the purpose of redefining lust and addressing the deficit of works exploring this significant need in contemporary literary works. There is no doubt about the abundance of crude presentation of obscenities in pornographic arts, especially on the internet. There is also a profusion of erotica packaged in predictable lasciviousness. The Erozine is an exploration of lust through refined artistry, delving into layers of sensual desires, espousing buried fantasies through literary experimentation. It is a journey of self-communion and communication. It is an opportunity to connect with the very humanity in all of us.

Here at The Erozine, we want to caress poems and stories of you and your lover dancing naked by moonlight, feel the taste of your imaginary lover’s lips, get seduced by the account of the night you spent with a brothel woman whose name you do not know, catch a glimpse of the time you spent alone in the bathroom making love to yourself, or the invisible hand of a woman as it touches and enters into your body and soul. We want that poem you read to your lover while massaging their feet. We want the narration of your sensual secrets. We want to hear the confessions of your daring sexuality and sensuality. We want it erotic and explicit.

We publish in May and November.

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