Allan Lake


I want you to remember me
but more than that. I want to live on
deep inside you because the thought
of ‘us’, will be a visceral visit
to the wilderness within.

You will recall when we kissed
that first time, in a car, in a flood
that would not be contained because
dams on two continents gave
as they softly collided.

When I’m gone – one must go –
I want you to shed more water and
experience the joy that comes
from recalling you once won
the fucking lottery. We both did.

How it felt when we came together,
after nearly giving up on finding just
the right syllables to make the prosaic
grow into a poem that would find
a home and settle there indefinitely.


Allan Lake is a poet from Allover, Canada who now lives and writes in Allover, Australia. His latest chapbook of poems, ‘My Photos of Sicily’, was published by Ginninderra Press (Aus) in 2020. It contains no photos, only poems.

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