Anna Emilia


A beautiful sad girl in a steady build, uphill battles and nyquil
Looked on craigslist for a quick fix, money hit
She snapped a picture and uploaded fate
To her surprise, it did take and she had to get ready for her one night only
It was something she had never done before but she needed money badly
A blue van pulled up and the driver said get in
A beautiful woman sat next to her, long black curly hair, big brown eyes and Brazilian
Red lipstick heaven, glitters and sparkling outfit that will excite your inhibitions
We got there but I was free; I didn’t have to pay the $40 fee for the auditioning and conditioning
She had her small bag with tissues filled with issues, dollar perfume and various lipsticks ready for her big debut and scarlet kisses
The DJ called her name as she scarily made her way up to the cold silver pole
and eyes of glaring lust watching her on stage
The first thing she did was twerk and the man threw the dollars at her butt saying that’s what he wants to see more of me
She swung away on the dark sterling stage, feeling lightheaded and dazed as the red and blue lights blinded her morale in between night and day
A man bought her 5 drinks as he was light in her company; wanting a dance to be
Then for $10 for 10 was the plan; she danced on a different man
She went up to many that night asking if they wanted a bite
After each dance, she went around the bar
Various men put money in her bra
It was the night shift, 10pm to 3, it was tiring and these heels were my enemy as my makeup was melting
It was her first time and she counted her money
She was home away from all the locker room energy and girls giving her mean looks and evil eyes
It was $100 in all one’s as she threw it up in the air , suprised and stunned
She could eat for another week and pay her $30 phone bill
She got the job done as life imitates art
Fallen angels applauded as I descended
Abandon all hope, all ye who enter here Pluto’s Gate, seven heavens and cosmopolitans

Closest to God

The closest thing to God is your love
The heavens touched the skies above
Your warm caress
Ethereal breath you breathe life into me
Touch every being
The Angel’s are in awe
As they believed you were one of them
Blessing broken hearts
Protecting Earth with your magnificence
You touch every part of my life with light
Every hidden part every mysterious unknown
So present in heart keeps the blood flowing
All knowing as you know me so well
Yet uncovering me undressing me very well
To the rescue you have saved me
As I was drowning in my ego
You made me vulnerable
Made me finally come home


Anna Emilia( She/her) was born January 22, 1990, in Newark, NJ to an Entrepreneurial Mother and Immigrant father. She received her Bachelor’s in business Administration from Berkeley College and since then obtained her CPR/BLS, Life Coach, and Reiki certifications. She loves Prince and Michael Jackson, Enjoys learning and trying new things. When she has free time, it is usually spent drinking coffee, writing more poetry, watching Bob’s Burgers, or playing with her Shihtzu Chewy! Anna has been published in Dreams in Hiding Anthology, Prosetics & Querencia Press!

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