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Bridgette Hart-Minor

Richard Cravings

I took my meds late for the D
Made myself stay awake and wait for that D
I woke up early shaved my legs for that D
Spritzed my cleavage for that D
Stood on my tiptoes for that D
Stuffed my face in some pillows for that D
I was straight fiendin’ for the D
Did a quick strip tease for the D
Said “Thank you sir,” and “Please” for the D
I spoke Spanglish for the D
Feigned pain and anguish for the D
I enhanced myself for the D
Body ‘fessed up to romance for the D
Did mad squats for the D
Worked out my glutes and my quads for that D
Suppressed my gag reflex for the D
Sent drunken texts for the D
Pretended to want his advice for the D
Tried it with mint and with ice for that D
Let him tie me up for the D
Admitted I liked it rough for that D
Bought sexy lingerie for the D
Told him he “don’t hafta pay” for that D
Held my titties nice and high for the D
Said “Just don’t get it in my eye” for the D
Went to work exhausted for the D
Really almost lost it
All for the D.


Bridgette Hart-Minor is Florida born and raised. She graduated from USF in 2006 with a BA in English Creative Writing and earned her MS in Educational Leadership from Nova Southeastern University in 2009. She is a big sister, wife, mama, educator and logophile. In her spare time, she likes reading erudite articles and texts on various topics and using her knowledge to inform her work.

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