Caitlin Hoskins


I’ll guide you to my center like a lighthouse to a ship
Fucking and making love, one in the same
I want to feel your stubble and smile against my thigh
And I’ll shatter the silence of the night
My screams and emotions are louder than a crack of thunder
You look up at me and a simple stare floods me

I want your infinity, I want your water and fire
You fuck me with love, you fuck me with light
You’ve turned my life upside down
I was bleeding, you were my tourniquet
And then you turned me onto my stomach and I arched
You gripped my hips tightly, as if I would slip away
My love, I will never fade

I hear my name escape your lips and I am enraptured
I am tangled in the sheets and I am tangled up in you
Through the open window, the pink sky paints our bodies with a Venusian glow
You fuck me with such fervor
You fuck me with such undying devotion
No matter how hard you fuck me, it is always making love
Our bedroom is a battlefield
We are the warriors
I never knew what was worth fighting for
I never understood what real love was
I never knew true enchantment until we met

With one last push you lament and I feel the warmth
You pull out slowly, turn me over, and put your hand on my damp cheek
When I sit up to get closer, pearly white slowly seeps out of me
There are pearls on your tip
Your kiss opens the gateway to my soul, open for you and only you
You are my forever future, you are my ouroboros
My love, I will never fade.



Hello! My name is Caitlin and I’m 29 years old. I’m from Glen Burnie, Maryland. I’ve always loved writing ever since I was a teenager in English class. For a long time, I stopped but recently I got back into doing what I love.

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