Charles Upshaw III

An Intimate Encounter

She arrived at the entrance,

And it was there where we met…

Eyeing each other’s anatomy erotically

And exchanging seductive smirks…

The gravitational pull between us grew palpable

And drew our bodies into close alignment…

Attraction had placed us on the path we were traveling

While trapped in trance….

I sought to stimulate the steady release of a stream-like flow from her femininity,

Though no force was involved in what it was we would embark upon….

Both of us feeling flush from face to feet…

But wait, there’s more….

Cheek to cheek,

We whisper when we need to speak….

Lips to neck,

A kiss, a peck….

Hand to thigh,

“Whether this is love or lust, neither one of us can decide,”

Is the thought that comes to mind, as the hand migrates

From thigh to waist….

Eyes closed with a slight roll prior to,

And before the night concludes,

I’ll ask that, while other men might approach,

She saves a special place for me


Charles Upshaw III, The Man of Legend (or Legend), made his formal introduction to the literary world in 2018 with a collection of lyrics and prose entitled ‘Amalgam’. Staples of the New Jersey native’s work include intricate wordplay and vivid imagery.

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