Daniel Ajayi


For where I go
I found you within walls
of my secrets — tag along
& your body is mapped
It exhibits a path
to my mature long years
of intense yearning
In remembrance of you
these soulful memories
purified licks, brittle spots
the emotional gallops
at night hour I vomited all
within the circumference of a circle
to a perfect devotion.


Between two Rivers
the nile and thigh
an ocean flux in subtly
between the distance
snuggle fingers subtended
modelling bodies
Into an allurement
feeding the enclosures
In an engaging passion
the face of a virgin
soused me in harbour
deeper into the lake
till I tapped out of breathe.


Daniel Ajayi is a Nigerian poet and writer. Daniel probes truth, nature, and humanity. He can be contacted via email – daniel4inspire@gmail.com.

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