David Galef

Ekphrasis of a Vintage Porn Snapshot

Bent over as if instructed
in a hazily designed class
featuring him as the star lover,
that ass—ready to receive
a finger lazily or a caress
whose effects will linger,
the black-and-white air
like dust, flimsy as a scrim
against the weight of lust
incorporated there.

One must imagine the second man,
somewhere behind him,
cock thick as a gun
displayed in act one
like one of the props,
aimed downward for now
but ready to be discharged
before the curtain drops.

Ekphrasis of a Vintage Porn Snapshot, 2

Beads from the necklace graze
her erect nipples, hazed over
yet so adroitly angled
for the camera to say hello.

Despite all prurient invasions,
she’s the one encroaching
on this occasion, your loneliness
in the broken-tiled bathroom,
while she poses in lace stays
against the voluptuous vase,
breasts and buttocks commanding
the double curve of desire.
not for sale but for hire.

A sailor’s cap over curly hair
frames a lust beyond sin,
challenging the voyeur
to hold her indifferent gaze
as it sucks you all the way in.


David Galef has published over two hundred poems in places ranging from The Yale Review and The Gettysburg Review to Witness and Measure, as well as two poetry books, Flaws and Kanji Poems, and two chapbooks, Lists, and Apocalypses. Twitter handle @dgalef.

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