Edilson Afonso Ferreira

Seen Through Crossing

She passed, sovereign and powerful,
as only a beautiful woman knows how.
Unaware (perhaps) of the uproar caused
in the hearts and feelings around.
Supreme gift donated to humanity by the Creator,
reason for promises, deeds and exploits by men
of fine lineage and caste, chained to the perpetuation
of what has been left for us in beauty and enchantment.
And, believe me, she who is happening to pass now,
neither knows nor dreams to be guilty of this,
to my despair and passion –
she has snow-white skin,
crowned by the darkest hair.


Edilson Afonso Ferreira, 77 years, is a Brazilian poet who writes in English rather than in Portuguese. Widely published in selected international journals in print and online, he began writing at age 67, after retiring as a bank employee. Nominated for The Pushcart Prize 2017, his first Poetry Collection, Lonely Sailor, One Hundred Poems, was launched in London, in November of 2018. He is always updating his works at www.edilsonmeloferreira.com.

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