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Jessica Bonifacio


The seasalt aftertaste of buttercups,
On your honey-stained skin,
Beaconed my lips against yours.
Bare and beautiful underneath
The star-grazed skies,
I traced my mouth on the outlines,
Of your tender breasts.
And, oh! The melodic synching
Of lustful bodies beside the ocean,
The riding of waves upon waves
Of ecstacy and pure love.

Your eyes searched mine for meaning,
And I whispered your name to the sea.
Wishing this moment
Would be carried deep under,
To be in the memories of mermaids,
To be remembered,
For centuries more.


Jessica Bonifacio is an 18-year-old artist and writer activist. Advocate during the day, and a romantic poet during the night – she believes that writing, in any form, is meant to change the world.

The Erozine