Jide Badmus


these smoking
hills before me
are unyielding
i tremble in prayer
i have mustard-sized faith
but these mountains move
of their own accord
& my faith is shaken.
i fall on knees, in awe
of milky peaks
—offer deep worship
in the furrow of thighs


Jide Badmus is an engineer, a poet inspired by beauty and destruction; he believes that things in ruins were once beautiful. He is the author of There is a Storm in my Head; Scripture; Paper Planes in the Rain (co-authored) and Paradox of Little Fires. Badmus has curated and edited several anthologies such as Vowels Under Duress; Coffee; Today, I Choose Joy; and How to Fall in Love. He is the founder of INKspiredNG, poetry editor for Con-scio Magazine, and sits on the board of advisors for Libretto Magazine. Jide writes from Lagos, Nigeria. He tweets @bardmus.

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