Kayleigh Willis

The Banana

I promised you a game
I promised you a banana,
said I would eat it beside you
while you drove the company’s car.
I promised to suck it slowly, to
hold it gently between my teeth
to caress it gently with my tongue
while you tried to keep your eyes
on the road and not
But you lost.
Veered across the road,
hit the curb through tears of
laughter. Death by banana.
This is my game.
Or perhaps I am yours.


Kayleigh Willis is a single mother to one lively five-year-old and an even livelier yorkshire terrier called Oliver. She edits an online literary magazine called MONO. and enjoys writing poetry and short-stories that get to the heart of a moment whether mundane or sentimental. When not writing she is mostly busy making toddler snacks and stepping on Lego.

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