Lee Duchesne

Another Side of Love

In the days when we first met
you dropped by and said let’s get
naked—if we take our time,
ease into things, it’ll feel fine.

But I couldn’t steer my eyes
away from your sultry thighs:
I asked, would you please just sit
while I nibble on your clit?

With a tender laugh you stood,
turned, and bent over—I should,
you told me, come take a peek
at the skin between your cheeks.

Though I felt a little bashful,
I stuck my tongue in your asshole—
and when you started to squeal,
my heart knew our love was real.


Lee Duchesne loves sex, and loves writing about it almost as much. Under a series of different names, Duchense also writes a variety of fiction and poetry, as well as essays about literature, philosophy, and cinema. A citizen of the United States, Duchesne regularly spends time in several cities in Europe.

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