Mark Andrew Heathcote

Celestial bodies

Star of aniseed, taste buds gradually numbed
with the meaning of life, aching from within
ah, for that celestial, warmth touch-of-her-skin
velvet as a rosebud like a bee succumbed.
Nights spent beholding them: till fast asleep
each cluster learned, begins to reteach:
stars geographically, they’re too far to reach
but I’ve two orbiting – they’re mine to keep
I gaze their heavens long into the night.
Loves – honey – once it rolls off the tongue
root sticks in your heart like a boomerang.
Starlight blinds but it mellows-to-moonlight
& as it does, I am always transfixed,
heart & soul with body fluids intermixed.

Restrain me

Restrain me because I want to bathe in your sun
I want a southern moon to shiver on you
from the naked shadows, I cast over you
restrain me; I’m like an applecart toppled over
soon, I will be showing you the core of my heart
how I’ve longed to touch you in the dark
and trace the horizon that lights up in your eyes
restrain me because I want to bathe in your sun
I want only for you, I hunger-for-you
there is no other star, shines brighter than you.

Divergent rivers

Beneath the moon’s silver lit lamp
divergent-rivers meandering camp.

In love alone do they worship
at the tidal wave in courtship-

like a water-flower in its stem
roused joyously in lustful men.

Opaque flesh is unwittingly made divine.
If, still pure in petal, they’re made sublime.

A floral sky in heaven waits
in the dingle-wood them at the gates.

Where two young lovers, run-amok
with passions wanton, awestruck.


Mark Andrew Heathcote is adult learning difficulties support worker, his poetry has been
published in many journals, magazines, and anthologies, he resides in the UK, from
Manchester, Mark is the author of “In Perpetuity” and “Back on Earth” two books of poems
published by a CTU publishing group, Creative Talents Unleashed.

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