Michael Perret

My Muse’s Orgasm

When I told her I came
      exploding like a star,
She laughed, “Like a black hole
      that’s how I came, how far
“Inwards I lost myself,
      how hard I came apart.
“One with the undone, I
      became a work of art,
“Transfixing my own eyes
      on a multiple me,
“Captivated by be-
      ing both captive and free,
“Out of body because
      in it so completely,
“In silence screaming, re-
      fraining indiscreetly,
“Making no sound and yet
      I was not holding back.
“Your star danced around and
      was swallowed by the black.
“This time, my poet, you
      came, but I transcended.
“Naturally, my being
      from the gods descended.”
Overjoyed, I cried, “My
      muse! My inspiration!”
And took her orgasm
      for my next creation.


Michael Perret is a poet and translator from Austin, Texas. His work has appeared in New Delta Review, Azonal Poetry in Translation, The Horror Zine and other journals. His translation of the short novel Octavia the Quadroon by Sidonie de La Houssaye was published in 2021 by Éditions Tintamarre. His writings have also appeared in the anthologies Beautiful Tragedies 2 (Hellbound Books) and Dark New Orleans (Darkstroke.) His most recent work can be found in the new literary magazine, Magpie Messenger. He is on Instagram @michaelperret78

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