Molly Fisher

Regarding the Massacre of the Bedroom

You call me BABY

oh-so-filthy, silky,
a Catholic-devouring, swallow-and-spit-me-out
needy rapture rumbling rampant in my
plump pink lips of Eve,
sultry-smooth snake slithering, sinning tongue in
sloppy syncopation; the angels
sing for us somewhere.
Forgive me Father, as I take this Golden Calf
in my mouth. The beauty of his blood is on my

and I drink.


Molly Kathryn Fisher is a senior at North Central College, pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Literature. Winner of the 2022 Ruth Cooley Poetry Prize, her poem “my stream of consciousness fails the bechdel test” is featured on Her work has also appeared in the 30 North Literary Review, the Kiekhofer Review, and the fridge at her parents’ house. Molly is fond of Carole King, the color green, and feeling too much.

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