Olaniyi Ololade Moses


A woman lies on the altar,
With her thighs, widely spread like the gospel of Christ;
A mortal is threading her sacred narrow pathway —
Praying harder,
Hitting climax,
Sending groans and moans to the sky;
Till they see the face of God.

What I Mean When I Say We Should Be “Besties”

The scripture is your body and I’ll read it thoroughly with my tongue
And my fingers, delving into different parts of your temple,
I’ll tear your body apart into shreds of lust as you sing me
hymns in moans and groans. You’ve never been to heaven before;
But you would experience it on earth as I ride you into a paradise of bliss.
When I say we should be “besties”, I mean to say you should be a riddle,
While I unravel you with my bulging scepter. I mean to say you should be the Red Sea
While I — Moses — part your sacred place with my rod.
You would be an equation while I become the formula — a solution to your maths.
In short, I want to be ‘eating your work.’


Bae, I can hold you tight and make you feel heaven doesn’t exist anywhere;
That the only paradise you can ever dream of is in my room —
Where we both break the wings of lust and forge night into a blue song —
Of me fueling the fire of ecstasy burning in your mouth with my tongue,
as my fingers canoodle your tits, tease your clit &
take you to places you’ve never been to —
Like cloud 9, climax and a Canterbury of bliss.

You’ll wake angels in heaven with your moans
As my rod unleashes fire on your wet room.

When I’m done exploring your body,
you’ll choose me over Christ as your only Messiah.


Olaniyi Ololade Moses hails and writes from the north-central part of Nigeria. He is the author of Flames Of Love (A collection of love poems). He studied Mass Communication at Kwara State Polytechnic. His work has appeared or is forthcoming in Silver Birch Press, Kalahari Review, Praxis Magazine, Tuck Magazine, The Quil’s Journal, Libretto Magazine, EroGospel, Blue Minaret and elsewhere. Olaniyi believes in the power of words. You can find him on Twitter @Olaniyiololade6.

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