Robert Hallsey

Darling Mine

the other night, she was not there
and I felt something in the air
a spirit moved, I could not fight
I took a pen, and began to write

“darling mine, I hope you know,
my love for you will always grow,
when I say love, I mean my dick
just to see you make it thick
but you know me, I never rush
as you turn me into mush
I first caress you through your clothes
and kiss your lips, your cheeks, your nose
and while we joke and laugh and kiss
in whispered words, I tell you this
that there’s so much of you to hug
because you’re fat the way I love
by this I mean I gasp in wonder
at your lovely thighs of thunder
at your rolly-polly tummy
warm and fluffy, oh, so yummy
and just look at how your fanny
fits my hands, it’s uncanny
moving on up to your breasts
they’re just right, they are the best
how did I deserve your body?
I’m not asking, thank you, god!
but that is why I bring you flowers
why I eat you out for hours
yes, down there, don’t be modest
it’s the altar of the goddess
just relax, look at the ceiling
and experience what you’re feeling
it’s great we both communicate
the things we love, the things we hate
and that is how i know just how
to tongue your clit and make you meow…”

as I was writing, growing bolder
I sensed a shadow at my shoulder
startled, turning, I discovered
it was she, my one, my lover
she was amused, she laughed and giggled
and her cute pot-belly jiggled
she said, you need not write me a letter
come to bed and make me wetter

so I did.


Robert Hallsey is a sixty-year-old white guy trying hard not to be that guy. Half his brain is into numbers and half his brain is into letters.

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