Roderick Zeus

Hike of Desire

Jenny left the trail about twenty yards ahead of me, my eyes following her lithe form as she disappeared behind a Monterey cypress. The long, flowing branches blown into sinuous waves resembled her auburn tresses. I’d noticed her at the start of the group hike, and learned her name when our organizer asked everyone to introduce themselves. I’d signed up hoping to make new friends, but her tiny grin when our gazes met signaled an exquisite thirst.

The organizer warned us to stay on the marked trail and avoid the unstable cliffs above the surf. He should’ve warned me about Jenny’s dark eyes. They inflicted distracting, splendid pain. Her round lips, her honey-colored skin, and her breathy voice, all defeated my weak attempts to listen to the organizer’s instructions. 

“I hope you enjoy the hike, Ethan,” she said. Her expression dawdled on me long enough to make my hands sweat. She’d hooked me as sure as the fishermen plying the blue Pacific Ocean to the west.

Our route took us through a grove of Douglas fir, each tree two centuries old or more.  The ratta-tatta-tatta of a woodpecker penetrated the still air, dense with the piney fragrance of spring. Shafts of sunlight spilled onto the trail, illuminating Jenny, who’d taken a spot near the head of the group, while I brought up the rear. I strained to watch her powerful legs as she climbed a short rise, her thighs and calves bare in the morning chill. Broad, but proportional hips supported a lean back and powerful shoulders.

My ache to know her better swelled.

The forest transitioned into prairie dotted with cypress. The group stopped for water and a power bar. My heart pounded, less from exertion and more from the desire to touch Jenny by any means short of subterfuge.

“A beautiful hike.” I sipped from my bottle. “I’m new to the area.”

“What brought you here?”

I had to think for a moment as if merely studying her face made me forget the last six months. “A relationship broke down. I needed a fresh start.”

Jenny nodded. “I moved here a few years ago from San Jose. It’s a good place to heal.”

“From what, if you don’t mind my asking.”

“The world and its troubles.” As if meditating, she closed her eyes and breathed in. “I love this stretch of the coast, especially after the mist dissipates and the sun warms my skin.”

I wanted nothing more than to nuzzle my face at her neck.

A rhythmic susurration of the surf enveloped our group as we trudged near the cliffs that border the sea. That’s when Jenny turned off the trail, drawing puzzled looks from the other hikers. I feared she might be leaving us. For an instant, she caught my eye. Her message to me was clear as the azure sky.

Follow me.

I saw a narrow break in the grass just beyond the cypress tree, probably a game trail. No one noticed my detour.

Jenny abruptly descended out of sight. Did she fall? I rushed to the place I last saw her. She had gone down a steep, but navigable trail to a heart-shaped cove, a dent in the long line of rocky cliffs. The inlet was protected from heavy surf by a large rock a hundred yards from the opening, and it was sheltered from the constant wind by the cliffs. Gentle waves and the occasional cry of a gull furnished a music-like background. A sandy beach a dozen yards deep and two dozen wide offered absolute privacy.

Scanning the cove, I found Jenny near a large piece of old driftwood sculpted by wind and water into an accidental work of art. I called out to her and she turned, flashing a welcoming smile. She was pleased to see me. I felt a surge of happiness.

Was she waiting for that moment to pull her t-shirt over her head and remove her bra? I don’t know, but then she stepped out of her hiking shorts and panties. Without looking my way, she walked towards the water, leaving bare footprints in the gray sand.

Her movements, muscular, yet smooth as a dancer’s, mesmerized me. Her shoulders, back, buttocks, and thighs swayed in a singular tango. Her breasts kept time with the rhythm of the waves, the nipples hard and pointing toward the horizon. My cock fattened. Was she offering an invitation? If so, what could I offer in return?

One thing was certain: No way was I going back to the hike. And I couldn’t wait for her to come back from her swim. I stripped to the skin, thankful I’d restarted my college workout routine after leaving my exhausting 60-hour-a-week job. My shoulders and pecs were strong from the weights, and my mile-a-day run had burned off the layers of sit-too-much fat. Tiny, floating droplets of water from the churning surf teased my skin. I felt sexy, not that I would compare myself with the allure Jenny possessed.

Jenny vanished. I’d taken my eyes off her as I stood knee-deep in the chilly water. A tinge of panic surprised me. I couldn’t find her. I didn’t know this stretch of the coast well and I worried about currents and undertows. Much to my relief, she appeared a few yards away, surfacing like a dolphin. She was a powerful swimmer. Rising from the fragrant ocean like Aphrodite, she smoothed her hair, the water cascading between her breasts and over her vulva. She grinned.

“Welcome to my secret refuge,” she said. “What do you think?”

I looked straight into her eyes. “Gorgeous. Magnificent.”

My heart pounded. Blood rushed to my groin. She glanced down at my swollen cock.

“I agree,” she said, scanning my shoulders and torso, a slight flush in her cheeks. “Time for a rest.”

She had spread a large beach towel next to the driftwood sculpture. Laying on her back, she closed her eyes, letting the full sundry her. Sand grains flecked her skin. I stretched out beside her and propped my head on my arm. I ached to touch her. I nearly shook with desire. I ran my eyes down every inch of her, from crown to toes, lingering on her breasts and her labia. She was wet, and not from the sea.

Opening her eyes, she said, “We should use sunblock.”

The sun was strong, its light reflecting off the water, but it was not the cause of the warmth I felt.

Jenny reached into her back. “Spread this on me, Ethan.”

I squirted a dollop of the creamy lotion onto my palm and spread two fingers worth on her back in widening circles. Her flawless skin felt like silk, though I found two small moles on her left shoulder blade.

“You should have these looked at,” I said.

“Thank you, but please don’t stop. Your hands feel lovely.”

I spread lotion on her buttocks and the back of her thighs and legs. She exhaled in delight.

“Now do my front.”

Jenny turned over, and I forced back a gasp. Every curve of her was the work of an artist. She took my hand and poured more lotion onto my palm. Awakened from my trance, I started with her shoulders and worked my way over and around her breasts and across her belly. I paused at her abdomen, but she didn’t move. I brushed her labia and worked more lotion on her inner thighs and the front of her legs. I finished at her feet.

“Your turn,” she said. “I don’t want you to burn.”

I was already on fire. I followed her lead by laying on my back, and she copied the pattern of applying the lotion that I’d set with her. I was fully erect, but she showed no embarrassment, certainly no shame. With a few caresses, she covered my member balls and perineum.

“Jenny, I’ve never seen anyone as beautiful as you. Who are you?”

“I’m a woman who loves the sun and water on my skin. I also love to be with a kind and charming man.”

“I’m so glad you showed me this place. You’re like a dream.”

She laughed. “I’m as real as you are. But you’re only looking at the wrapping. What if you’re disappointed with what’s inside?”

“That’s not possible. I see all the beauty of nature in you. You are life itself.”

She grinned and turned toward me. “What do you want, Ethan?”

My cock pulsed. “Please, I want to kiss you.”

She leaned into me and brushed my lips with hers. We opened our mouths in unison. I brought my arm to her shoulders and pulled her closer. Her breasts fell onto my chest, the rock-hard nipples making my skin tingle. Our tongues explored each other and embraced, mirroring our bodies’ entanglement.

“Jenny, I want you more than I have any other woman. I want to be inside you.”

“Yes, but not just yet. I want to feel your kisses on my other lips.”

I needed no persuasion. Jenny spread her legs and I tongued her labia and clitoris. She tasted honey and salt, and I could smell the sea on her pubes. I circled her clit and massaged her inner lips. I sucked her clit, and she let out a breathy moan. She trembled and her vagina quivered. I glanced at her face. Her head tilted back in ecstasy.

She reached to my shoulders, urging my mouth to hers. As I approached, she touched the tip of my rock-hard penis with one hand, stroking the glans. I made a small cry. She opened her legs more and guided my glans to her labia. An electric pulse surged through my body. I pushed lightly. Jenny sucked a breath as I entered her.

“Ethan! Ethan!”

I thrust, first every second or so, but I could not keep my hips from increasing their pace. An inner drive forced my movements. Jenny opened herself further, and I adjusted, pushing deeper and deeper into her. I urged my phallus into her as deep as I could go, my balls touching her outer labia.

Jenny cried out, the sound bouncing off the cliffs. My awareness focused on my penis and pelvis, even as my eyes lingered on hers I felt as if I was merging with her body. She wrapped her legs around my hips. I could hold back no longer, and after failing to stifle a call to Heaven, I poured my semen into her, every spurt timed to a thrust. I want to fill her with my life-creating jizz. After a moment, I relaxed, spent, but unwilling to withdraw. In time, my erection eased, and we lay together, knotted in bliss.

After a few moments of silence, I said. “I’ve never felt as much joy as I did with you when I came, Jenny.”

She kissed me softly. “You are a wonderful lover. I’ll never forget today.”

A part of me wanted to ask if this meant she only wanted one of these encounters. I didn’t speak, fearing the answer.

The sun moved in the sky, and a shadow cast by the driftwood fell over us.

A sadness overcame me. “We should get back to the hiking group. The organizer will be mad if he has to search for us.”

“I don’t want to leave my refuge, Ethan, but you’re right. The day is nearly over.”

The climb up the cliff was strenuous, and when we reached the main trail, the group appeared. The organizer saw us, but just as I thought he was about to scold us, he stayed quiet. He flashed a light grin tinged with envy.

Under the dappled light of the ancient forest, I brushed Jenny’s hand with mine, hoping she’d respond. She wrapped her pinky finger around mine, and I felt a new thrill of passion. Something new had begun.


Roderick Zeus is a pseudonym for a writer of erotica, science fiction, and non-fiction living in Seattle.

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