Rebecca Langley Jensen

I’m A Woman

I want to take you
Into my depths
Take you to a place
Where you disperse
Mystic as the sea
Wild as the wind
Blinded you’ll come
Into this land
Sense every wave
Sense every hill
Feel every peak
By my lips be still
Probe what’s hidden
Beneath this skin
A Godly collection
Of the joys within
Tonight, we’ll sense,
Do as we intend
I’m a compass
A light
A force
I’m A Woman.

Our eyes now meet
Each other we see
As air you levitate
Diving in deep
Sink in deeper
Is all I plead
The fruit of acumen
Together we eat
My pleasure is my right
A totem of my patent
My sensuality, a gift
Beautiful and blatant
In my Eden
Ecdysis unfold
Together we’re exposed
Body and soul
This garden’s sweetness
Has no end
I’m a storm
I’m A Woman.

Hedone, our pleasures
And desires entity
The daughter of Eros
An avowed serenity
In me is Hedone
The Goddess of enjoyments
On my throne
A Queen of the heavens
In me is Inanna
The Goddess of sex
Admires her vulva
Gives pleasure with whips
As her I want to bind
All of my lover
Relish every touch
As they come closer.
In me is Oshun
Goddess of love
Fluid like the water
Glides our twosome
Come in deeper
Surrender to the feminine
I’m strength
A human
My own
I’m A Woman.


Rebecca Langley Jensen is an Actor and newly established Freelance Writer from Denmark. With heritage from Denmark, South Africa, and Zanzibar. I’ve written stories and scripts next to my acting career, but began to write poetry last year as a way to cope with my depression and BPD. “I’m A Woman” is an oath to womanhood, female sexuality, and finding freedom in taking pleasure for oneself. Doing so, has been a major step forward for my mental well-being. Sex is powerful, beautiful, and enigmatic once you start self-exploring.

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