Category: Issue 07

KM Bezner

the title of this poem is a sigh hands between thighs the meat of thumbs and palms clutched between buried butterfly wings shuddering, fluttering, pressed to that tender fault line…

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Eugene Drebber

She Smelled of Strawberries “She tasted of strawberries.” I said in reply.  Did she now. He smirked, taking a draught of his cold beer, half-burned cigarette laid gentle on a…

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Russ López

Twin Week Anxious he had started far too late to make peak condition for Independence week in Provincetown, Kayden began his preparations on January second with a seven-day juice purge…

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Daniel de Culla

When the Frog Grows Hairs To her, my sister Santa Pe Slim and pretty Our mother wanted to marry As soon as possible But she didn't want to do. Forced,…

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The Erozine